Why Sete Faces and why now

The Poema de Sete Faces (Poem of Seven Faces in English) is a poem written by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a famous and important Brazilian poet from the 20th century.

In this poem the author describes himself under different perspectives - or faces - as a introvert and shy person, who has problems to adapt to the world around him, who simply does not fit. But always pay attention to what happens around him, even being passive all the time.

Well… At least that’s how I interpret it :-)

Since child I I kind of identified myself to it. So I was very lucky that the domain setefaces.org was available when I decided to create a web site.

I’ve had this domain for a couple of years, and there were several tries of keep a website/blog running and updated, but I ended up by giving up in all them.

The main page of this website is a Blog, about weird things which happen between by ears, but I believe also about programming related stuff. Let’s see…

It’s powered by Hugo, a static web site engine. I decided so after several years strugling to work with wordpress, which became a monster in terms of complexity, so I decided to return to simplicity of a old-style web pages.

Currently this website is hosted on Digital Ocean, using the most basic configuration (5 EUR/mo), and it has worked really well so far. I feel very satisfied, so if you got interested, use this link to acquire their services and give me some credit :-)

As technologies, I am using HTTP/2 as protocol and Docker and Docker Compose to manage things together. The server is a Core OS instance, as it also follows this philosophy of being simple and small.

Well, I guess this is a new start. Please enjoy my website and I hope having more news soon :-)